Pavilion integration

Demage is a professional service provider for exhibition and display projects, and its business involves consulting and research, comprehensive planning, design implementation, and technology research and development.
In recent years, it has mainly served global cultural tourism, characteristic towns, museums, science and technology museums, party building halls, theme halls, corporate exhibition halls, etc.
Pavilion integration

Core products

  • 01
    Cultural Tourism Complex
  • 02
    Cultural exhibition hall
  • 03
    Science and Technology Pavilion
  • 04
    Red Pavilion
  • 05
    Enterprise showroom
  • 06
    Special exhibition hall

Core advantage

  • 01 2021071412290037 Comprehensive planning advantage
    2021071412290037 Comprehensive planning advantage
    From project research, concept planning, display planning, multimedia planning to operation planning, realize all-round integrated comprehensive planning and execution capabilities
  • 02 2021071412290412 Overall design advantage
    2021071412290412 Overall design advantage
    Possess forward-looking thinking and design innovation, transform storytelling into spatial experience, and realize value transfer and image dissemination with rich spatial forms and function exhibition items
  • 03 2021071412290870 Project implementation advantages
    2021071412290870 Project implementation advantages
    Focus on project quality, strictly adhere to the principles of low-carbon implementation of economy and environmental protection, and put imagination into reality through scientific management and professional implementation
  • 04 2021071412291683 Technology research and development advantage
    2021071412291683 Technology research and development advantage
    Deeply cultivate the development of the industry, keep up with the trend, comprehensively research and develop interactive forms, digital display, digital cultural creation and intelligent management, and have obtained more than 100 patents.
  • 05 2021071412291992 Operational management advantage
    2021071412291992 Operational management advantage
    Integrate online and offline resources, shape the viscosity and breadth of the project audience in an all-round way, and use the superior strength of the group company to truly realize the long-term operation of the exhibition hall and exhibition hall

Show cases


Core competitiveness

tegrated development of culture, tourism, commerce, exhibition, brand, and Internet
  • Integrated services
    A professional team with more than ten years of experience in the industry, with practical experience and successful cases in the urban and rural overall planning of new urbanization construction, commercial and cultural tourism, and characteristic towns
  • Cultural Tourism • Cultural and Creative Development
    Cultural tourism scenic spots, cultural and creative industries, heritage parks, cultural characteristic towns, museums, industrial exhibition towns
  • Investment•Operation
    Demage International's own funds, equity investment fund listed group Lingnan Ecological Cultural Tourism Co., Ltd.
  • Marketing•Brand Building
    China has accumulated high-quality government and enterprise customers for more than ten years, and the world's 12 largest cultural and creative design centers

Core executive power

  • 项目营销
    Project marketing
    Packaging and marketing the project on the Demage platform
    Intermediary service promotes substantive cooperation between multiple parties
  • 项目研判
    Project research and judgment
    Direct investment management or project cooperation for the project
    Provide professional investigation and judgment opinions
  • 项目策划
    Project planning
    For local governments, investment developers
    Provide solutions for regional development and projects
    Integrate resources and attract investment for the project