The 4th China International Import Expo
Designated contractor

China International Import Expo

Company profile

Demage International Exhibition Co., Ltd. (DEMAGEMESSE) is an urban cultural industry operation expert leading the development of the city. With customized design as the core, it creates major cultural comprehensive projects in the city, empowers the construction of the entire urban cultural industry, and activates the brand and culture in an all-round way. , Through the urban cultural complex, create four sections of exhibition, experience, industry, and operation, redefine the cultural creativity of the city's theme, and promote the high-quality development of the exhibition economy. Successful cases are spread across the countries along the Belt and Road, and it has become a cooperation between China and other countries in the world. Bridge. After nearly 15 years of tempering, Demage has grown into an urban cultural operator company with business covering all parts of the country and even the world, occupying the mainstream urban market. The current business scope covers 188 cities, 42 countries and regions, including museums, Theme pavilions, science and technology museums, cultural complexes, characteristic towns, theme exhibitions, cultural and creative operations, etc. At the same time, it helps Huawei, CRRC, Midea, China Mobile, Debon, Wanda, vivo and other Fortune 500 companies to promote brand culture and increase core competitiveness.

As the 4th International Import Expo is approaching, Demage once again won the honor of being a builder of the National Import Expo. With a good reputation, an excellent team, and professional industry knowledge, we stand out from many companies with absolute advantages and become a builder of the CIIE. This is not only a test of Demage's strength, but also a recognition of Demage's strength. Demage will maintain its original aspirations and live up to trust, adding luster to this CIIE.

Free consultation telephone for booth design and construction of the CIIE: 400-820-1587

Classic Cases for CIIE


Services Procedure

  • Communication needs
    Communicate booth construction needs with construction consultants
  • Design
    Set up a project team designer to design a satisfactory plan one-on-one
  • Signing the contract
    Sign the booth construction contract at the final plan price
  • Factory made
    Communicate booth construction needs with construction consultants
  • Into the hall to build
    Workers enter the hall to build the booth when it is time to build
  • After-sales maintenance
    During the exhibition, there will be dedicated maintenance personnel, and the exhibition will be dismantled after the exhibition.

Why the global 500 chose us

  • One-stop service
  • Global EI system
  • World footprint
  • Quality declaration
  • Honor
  • Innovation patent
42 countries, 188+ exhibition cities
Provide you with global one-stop booth design and construction services
We are committed to developing the exhibition business to every city in the world, always on standby for the needs of our customers
Demage Exhibition will build a bridge of trade for exhibitors from all over the world, and strive to realize the world through the exhibition!
EI booth visual recognition system
To deepen your corporate image and make the corporate booth unique,
We insist on using the global booth EI system to provide customers with "all-round" and "one-stop" quality services according to their actual needs.
Establish a good corporate image, make the booth more recognizable, and let the booth become the communicator of the brand!
The accumulated mileage of Demage's global travel can circle the earth 120 times a year,
We follow the footsteps of our customers and draw a blueprint to spread the world. Global one-stop service, customer first, mission must be achieved!
A brand-new milestone is engraved on the journey, and the unremitting efforts of the Demage people are engraved.
We firmly believe
Only perfect quality is something to be proud of,
We will not betray the future for short-term benefits. We strive to get more and more customers’ recognition and follow.
This is the biggest motivation for us to move forward. No thanks, but quality!

Core advantage

Global distribution

The service network covers 188 cities in 42 countries on six continents, realizing a global one-stop service system.

China area

Major areas of Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Xiamen, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, as well as important second-tier cities


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